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NEW FUNDRAISING PROS brings together nonprofit leaders to
encourage each other, gain confidence, & learn proven strategies to inspire our donors to give the resources we need to 

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Who Should Join New Fundraising Pros

Most members are development directors (or advancement coordinators or outreach managers or marketing specialists; there are many titles for this job!) or executive directors who have the primary responsibility for their organization's fundraising. We also welcome board members and volunteers who want to learn how to raise money efficiently, effectively, and (most importantly) ethically.

Our emphasis is on the professional. Fundraising done right is one of the most rewarding careers you can have. But, like most professions, it is easier to learn from mentors and peers than to be entirely self-taught. There are best practices to make your job easier, landmines you'll need to avoid, and challenges unique to fundraising. 
New Fundraising Pros is here to help with all of it.


Why You Should Join

Fundraising is hard. It is also fun and rewarding, but often, it is hard. 

You need a place where you can ask any question and be confident in the advice you receive. You need a network of people like you who are striving to learn fundraising as a profession, understanding the ethics, the impact, and the field's best practices. And often, you need a place to commiserate about the challenges all fundraisers face.

New Fundraising Pros is that place and that network. Our forum is hosted and moderated by experienced fundraisers to be a warm and welcoming space to give and receive encouragement, feedback, and answers to your burning fundraising questions. 

Also, did you hear that it's free?

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